My Header for this Blog Arrived Today

Yippee!!!!!! I am so excited.

I opened up my email this morning and found the new header that my graphic designer created for me. I used one of my own photos that I had taken on my trip to Mount Baker last fall. Mirror Lake and the mountains in Washington state are gorgeous.

For now, I’ve uploaded my new header for this blog, but as you’ll see, there’s a dedicated space for me to add my head-shot. I am going to book an appointment with a photographer friend of mine to get that done in the next two weeks. For now, I’m just enjoying the header. I posted it here as a reminder of where I started from, and what my header looked like initially.

Candace Sinclair's new header graphic

Now it’s time to get back to work accomplishing more tasks and assignments. Have a great day, friends.

To your success, Candace Sinclair




  • Mark Nicholson

    Reply Reply June 11, 2016

    Hey Candace! How are you? I like your blog header. Are you making progress with John’s P2S coaching program? I started about three weeks ago.

    • Candace Sinclair

      Reply Reply July 5, 2016

      Hi, Mark. Thanks for your comment about my blog header. It’s a photo I took several months ago. I am still making progress with John’s coaching, but I haven’t finished my first product yet. How do you like the program so far?

  • Chubby

    Reply Reply September 1, 2016

    It’s like you’re on a misiosn to save me time and money!

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