Is it possible to improve your marketing results on Twitter?

LaConner Washington and Twitter Hashtags

The quaint town of LaConner, Washington is a short drive from Mount Vernon, Washington.

When it comes to improving your marketing results on Twitter, the most important thing you can do is always provide valuable content. In fact, providing information that has value is one of the best ways to grab attention and gain more followers.

It could be something as basic as a famous quote or a tip on how to improve your life. People are more likely to follow somebody who has some helpful words and can be converted to customers once a bond has been established in the community.

You can leave your links in some posts where they’ll look good so followers can find out what you’re offering. Always remember that spamming the link in each post can annoy people and they can unfollow you just as fast as they followed you.

Have you seen Hashtags before? (#hashtags)

Observe what is currently trending on Twitter and include the hashtags in your post where applicable. A hashtag is this sign > # < that is used before one or several words. Of course, the hashtags will have to match your tweet, but having a popular hashtag can send your post trending and can be re-tweeted by others, which is what it’s all about. Using this as a marketing strategy can increase your post’s viewership apart from those who are following you.

If you notice that one of your tweets with a specific hashtag is becoming popular, then create another one with the same tag and add a link. Many people will gain access to your promotion if you are still popular. Avoid following thousands of people with the prospect of arousing interest. You have to grab attention with the proper use of hashtags.

Remember: Don’t Overuse Links in Your Tweets

On a regular basis, you can post a link to your blog or product site, but don’t do it too often. People who add marketing links to their posts will soon lose their following as it irritates Twitter readers. They don’t want to wade through all that much to find interesting posts. In fact, one of your followers could quite easily just block you and you’re finished. Get attention through creating timely and interesting posts. Then insert your links at random to add to your success.

Do You Offer Giveaways on Twitter?

Offering some giveaway or holding a contest that will require people to follow you is a smart way of boosting the number of those linking to you. Be respectful and respond to those who have contacted you or replied to your tweets. They are prospective clients, so don’t lose time in getting back to them.

Twitter is a potential goldmine if you know how to use it. Don’t come off as a spammer who isn’t concerned with what people think. Remember: You are building a community of interested followers. Be active online, re-tweet other posts, reply to people, but don’t overdo the links and the sales pitch.

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